Current Casting Call

Savannah rep casting for the lieutenant of inishmore and Pumpboys & dinettes


Seeking both Equity and non-union Actors

SUBMISSIONS ONLY - Deadline is Dec 8th for local actors and January 2nd for New York based actors

Savannah Audition Date - Monday Dec 18th/Callback Tuesday Dec 19th

New York Audition - Sometime in early January TBD

Please submit headshot and resume to Please note in subject line if you are submitting for the Savannah or New York auditions along with the show you are interested in. Video submissions will be accepted from actors unable to attend the call at these locations.  Casting breakdown for each show below.



Director/Artistic Director: Ken Neil Hailey
Casting Director: Jenn Bishop
Playwright: Martin McDonagh

1st rehearsal: February 12, 2018. Runs: March 1-11, 2018, at the Savannah Rep PLAYShop.

Meet Padraic. He's clever, devilishly rakish and, when he's not torturing his enemies, the Lieutenant is a lover of cats. It's this sliver of humanity - juxtaposed against the cold, cruel circumstances of political terrorism - that drives this play to its wicked depths. Olivier Award-winner Martin McDonagh (The Pillowman and and the current film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) makes comedy from carnage in this highly theatrical - and unapologetically bloody - romp. “Monty Python meets Quentin Tarantino."



1.) MALE (20s) - PADRAIC. From Inishmore. Handsome. Coiled intensity & damaged; known as “Mad Padraic”, an Irish terrorist who was too violent to be a member of the IRA, the antagonist of the play, he goes on a rampage when he finds out that his beloved cat has been killed.

2.) MALE (mid 40s-50s) - DONNY. Dad of the psychotic terrorist Padraic, timid, lazy and incompetent, he has a bumbling, brusque manner and uses colorful language, he is the foil to Padraic.

3.) MALE (18+) - DAVEY. 17 (legal 18 or older to play younger), Mairead's brother. Teenager, a young man who is accused of inadvertently running over (with his bicycle) and killing Padraics’ beloved cat, he is the foil to Donny, Padraics’ father.

4.) MALE (20s-30s) - JAMES. Northern Irish dialect. A petty drug dealer. Tortured while hanging upside down. Physical Needs: Must be able to withstand being hung upside-down for approx. 20 minutes and flown in inversion boots.  May double as JOEY

5.) MALE (30-50) CHRISTY. Leader of a small cell of INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) “soldiers” who aim to reunite Ireland, cold-blooded and ruthless, but also sentimental and faux-philosophical at times.

6.) MALE (20s) - BRENDAN. Northern Irish dialect.  Christy’s henchman, a good supporting role with multiple scenes, he ultimately gets his eyes shot out, the back of his head blown off and dismembered on stage. (possible understudy)

7.) MALE (20s) - JOEY. Northern Irish dialect. 'Sensitive' member from an IRA splinter group. Dangerous, emotional & a quick draw. Likes cats. Fires handguns. May double as JAMES (possible understudy)


The role of MAIREAD is cast from company.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities.

Required Media: Headshot/Photo.

Facility with Irish accent is key.

Seeking submissions from Actors' Equity Members and non-union actors for these auditions. OPEN to all types, all ethnicity, and actors with disabilities unless otherwise noted. Allergy Alert: Cats (live & fake), chocolate syrup and peanut butter are involved in this production: Actors with these allergies are not able to be cast. Also, various guns & blanks are used in this production.



Casting 6 charming fun and uniquely sexy actor/musicians (Think Ladyantibellum types) ages 25- 40 for "Pump Boys and Dinettes," which tells the story of four men who work at a gas station on Highway 57 in North Carolina, and the two sisters who are waitresses at the Double Cupp Diner next door. It is performed in a comfortable, yet musically precise style that emphasizes virtuosity, range, and character. The four Pump Boys must be excellent musician/actors  and play instruments to a high professional level throughout in a country/blues style.  The Cupp Sisters join in on some fun percussion plus other instruments as able. so they need to be more Vocalists than players.   Actors who can play multiple instruments are highly desirable. Possible other instruments include:  fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, accordion, various percussion (tamb, shakers, also found objects/props onstage), and cello. Since this is a short rehearsal period - prior knowledge of the show for the 4 Pump Boys is a huge asset as they play the whole show from memory.


Jackson (Lead): Male, 25-35

traditionally, he is the lead guitarist (country style) of the Pump Boys. Referred to as Lover Boy, the ladies like Jackson. Jackson is a strong singer, able to sing tight harmonies, and mostly sings the top line in the music. Will be asked to prepare the song “Mona” from the show both vocally and on guitar.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Jim (Lead): Male, 25-40

the front man of the Pump Boys. Traditionally, he plays rhythm guitar (country style). Must have the ability to chat with the audience in a very easy way. The storyteller of the evening, he introduces us to the other characters. Jim is a strong singer, able to sing tight harmonies, and mostly sings the middle line in the music. Will be asked to prepare the song “Highway 57” from the show both vocally and on guitar.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

L.M. (Lead): Male, 25-40

the piano player (country/honky-tonk style) of the Pump Boys. Also could play accordion. They say women gravitate towards L.M., but that only makes him suspicious. Strong singer, able to sing tight harmonies. Tap dancing skills are a plus.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Rhetta Cupp (Lead): Female, 25-40

a Dinette who works at the Double Cupp Diner, and the older sister of Prudie. A mother of two, she remains single. Full of life, she can sing, dance, and, of course, make great pie. Ability to play some instruments a plus but not required. Strong singer, belt and soul, and sings bottom line.

Ethnicity: Strongly seeking All Ethnicities

Prudie Cupp (Lead): Female, 25-35

a Dinette who works at the Double Cupp Diner, and the younger sister of Rhetta. Like her sister, she is also full of character and fun, can sing, dance, and make great pie. Needs to have some percussive skills - ability to play other instruments is a plus but not required. Strong singer, mix, sings top line.

Ethnicity: Strongly seeking All Ethnicities


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jenn Bishop by email at